Spelled[pruj-duhk-shuhn] noun

  1. the act of producing; creation; manufacture.
  2. something that is producted; a product.
  3. Economics. the creation of value; the producing of articles having exchange value.
  4. the total amount produced eg. Production is up this month.
  5. a work of literature or art.



Print Overview

fx2dream general policy is to provide a plan that gets us to our finished goal on time and on budget. Interview and discussion starts the process. Listening is the key. The general process is this:

  1. The objectives of our first interview are to define the finished product, establish a timeline and budget, and to build a contract of services.
  2. After the interview, we will start by creating thumbnail sketches. Usually, quite a few as part of the brainstorming for visual concepts.
  3. Next visit we narrow our focus to two or three, consolidating ideas from the critique.
  4. These few will be developed to size and scale. They will be printed and color tested.
  5. After another review and critique, we narrow it down to one.
  6. after final refinements and approval, it will be time to work with a print service.
  7. Comps will be printed by the print shop and signed off, no further changes will be accepted and a print run will commence.