Spelled[pruj-duhk-shuhn] noun

  1. the act of producing; creation; manufacture.
  2. something that is producted; a product.
  3. Economics. the creation of value; the producing of articles having exchange value.
  4. the total amount produced eg. Production is up this month.
  5. a work of literature or art.


Web Overview

The 4 Main Expenses

  1. Design
  2. Production
  3. Server Space and Domain
  4. Site Administration

All 4 of these expense need consideration prior to launching a web site.


The Design process can be as sophisticated or as simple as your needs. Site requirements must be defined. What is your target audience? and what will they use to view your site? Content strategies need to be considered. Color, Typography, and menu structure have to be defined. Demographic surveys, and marketing research may be required. In general, the design process is similar to the print process. A contract is created with a clear timeline and pay schedule defining the final deliverables and contingencies. A final Design may or may not be a working web site depending upon site production requirements.


This is the actual construction of the site. The design requirements and content will define the extent of the production. Is the a Shopping Cart? Are we using a content management system? Will there be video? Is some photography, graphics or animation production required? And who will be creating it? When? Are there 10 pages or 3000 pages? Are these pages custom built or template based. With sophisticated production requirements a contract is created with a clear timeline and pay schedule defining the final deliverables and contingencies.

Server Space and Domain

This is the least expensive part of having a web site. It is generally a nominal yearly expense. This expense will vary depending upon internet usage and site content storage requirements.

Site Administration

Control of Maintenence, Content and Access, Back up, Email List

Site Administration - This expense varies directly upon the required time expected to maintain the site to a clients satisfaction. Some sites require only an hour or so a month and other sites require full time staff. Some Large corporations have teams working round the clock just to keep their online content current.

Before you commit to a web site you must be careful to have a realistic idea of what your site Administration will cost. For even the smallest, least sophisticated sites this is often a monthly fee based upon an Annual Contract. All Administration should be under contract to define a clear time line of production and maintenence obligations, a pay schedule, and reporting procedures for effective communications.